Rosen Method

Rosen Method is a form of somatic bodywork that does not require forcing,  manipulating or adjusting the body in any way. Attuned gentle and sensitive touch is used to bring a person into a deeper relationship with their body-mind and feel in an embodied way how intimately connected the two are. Often we are telling ourselves a story that is outdated and no longer holds true in our body, but we continue this narrative to ourselves which can perpetuate patterns of living and relating that are self limiting, restrictive and can eventually lead to pain and illness.

“In Rosen Method Bodywork we touch people. It is a special touch that makes contact with the body. We also say we have inquiring hands that locate tensions in the body and areas that are not moved by breath” –

Marion Rosen

A Rosen practitioner will notice how a person’s body responds when they are speaking or answering a question. They give this information back to them in the way they gently touch, speak and are present. The session becomes a dance between practitioner and client and a dialogue happens beyond the rational thinking mind. This allows self awareness to deepen as an invitation is offered to let go of deeply held bodily tensions and compressive postural holding patterns. As an unwinding happens from within, supported by the safe container, the Rosen practitioner’s compassionate and non judging presence offer new possibilities which can emerge. Many people experience more self acceptance, increased self confidence and a strengthened sense of purpose. They often note a shift in their relationships with friends and family as their interpersonal relationships improve. They also can find a deeper creative energy inside of themselves, helping build inner resource to live more fully and honour their life purpose.

Who is Rosen for?

Rosen sessions are for anyone interested in exploring how the body and the psyche work together – whether for health and well-being or personal development. The aim is to help people to experience their full physical and emotional potential through increased awareness and relaxation.

This work can be very helpful if there are body image difficulties or it is challenging to receive touch as a result of past trauma. If staying present with feelings and allowing emotions to come and go freely, or if overwhelm is a familiar experience, then Rosen Method can help. 

My areas of specialism and interest include:

  • Recovery from physical, mental and sexual abuse 
  • Dysregulated states caused by PMS and PMDD
  • Sudden bereavement 
  • Dissociation

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