Deep Witnessing

In the current pandemic when Touch Matters more than ever, the benefits of the biochemical and hormonal changes that result from being touched are less readily available to us, particularly for those living alone. As we follow guidelines to stay safe by limiting who we can be with, where we can go and who we can touch and be touched by, the important connection and the trust that the Rosen touch fosters fall into the background. However, this situation has raised new opportunities of reaching and connecting with people beyond physical touch.

“Deep Witnessing” came into being last spring 2020. This is a way I can offer the many wonderful aspects of Rosen but without the direct hands-on, in person contact. It sounds odd, particularly if your understanding of Rosen is touch. But actually the essence of Rosen is simply being fully present with another human being. Rosen is deeply witnessing another’s process, tracking another’s body closely, following the minute changes that occur in skin colour, breath, tiny openings and letting go’s. By providing a held space to explore yourself more deeply and fully without judgment or agenda, being wholeheartedly witnessed, guided and accepted for who you are, discovering your possibilities, shedding old patterns of self, these are what ‘deep witnessing’ can offer. A connection of hearts, an unfolding of being, an opening into deeper aliveness all without touch, really is possible. When we feel fully seen and fully heard we can let go of trying to prove ourselves and arrive into wholeness.

Do contact me if you’d like more information or to book a session.

Duration: 50 minutes 

Venue: In the comfort of your own home or wherever else you may be.

Equipment: Blanket and 2 pillows if you choose to lie down and a device set up so you can be seen clearly.

Cost: £100

Please speak to me if full payment is not manageable in present times. I want this work to be available to as many as possible.

Tel:(+44) 07746296106